These Guitars Say Sorry

UK Singer Songwriter - Performing in the Pacific Northwest

UK singer songwriter and recording artist performing in Washington State.

Album Launch Show in Yakima - March 3

Join us at Hop Nation for the release of the new album "Dive" from These Guitars Say Sorry & My Heroes Are Human. The album has already been played in locations as diverse as Botswana, Norway and Vietnam so come and listen to the two performers playing songs from the new record, which will be released on the cassette and available at the show.

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Trevor Says: Free Audio Stream

From the album "We Were Younger Then", Trevor Says is the 6th track.

"Trevor said he never expected
The thoughts in his head to amount to anything
Jennifer sits alone in her bedroom
Wondering why the phone never rings
Cathy thinks she wants a divorce
Her husband Jeff doesn’t know it yet
Lucia’s worked 10 years in a factory
Doesn’t see her kids
But it pays the rent"

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The story of "Dive"

Dive the new split album from My Heroes Are Human and These Guitars Say Sorry was a long time in the works. It must be nearly 5 years ago that the musicians first shared a stage and through the years have performed together at a variety of venues, but it was not until a house show in late 2016 that the idea of recording a joint album arose.

From there the recording sessions were arranged and the tracks recorded. The idea was to deliver an album that captured the essence of both musicians, have some fun and try some new things.

The final result was a 10 track release that will be released on March 3rd but is available to pre-order now. You can even listen to a couple of preview tracks. Check it out!

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