1 - Solo

These Guitars Say Sorry is the solo project of English musician Jez Slowe, who having played in a number of bands around the London area, moved to the USA and now performs primarily in the Pacific Northwest. Originally from a small town whose main claim to fame is that it lies on the train line to London, he moved to Central Washington and after a break started performing again.

His songs are self-penned and lyrically driven, often delivered with a perceptible English accent. With his debut "We Were Younger Then" just completed and being mastered he is currently working on the follow up "If You Won't Listen Who Will?" 

If you'd like to hear These Guitars Say Sorry at a venue near you just use the contact page and we'll contact the venue to see if we can set something up. If you are interested in staging a house show in the Central Washington or Denver area this Summer complete the booking form.