"We Were Younger Then" Complete

Last weekend saw the 12 tracks for "We Were Younger Then" sent off for mastering, the final step before the planned Summer release of These Guitars Say Sorry's debut.

The likely finished product will probably appearing on a California based label in due course.

Ranging from songs written when I was 21 to new material from 2016, the album also includes a couple of track never played live. 

The track listing is:

71st & Citadel
So Damn Lonely
It's Been A long Time
This Is For You
Has It Come To This
Trevor Says
No-one Asked Me
Scars & Stripes
One Eyed In Paradise
Playing Fields Of England

A couple of songs on there I have never played live. I have shared a couple of preview tracks so far and people have commented they're quite different from the live experience. There's still the English accented delivery but added to that is orchestration and a variety of other instruments to complement the guitar and vocals as well as adding a cinematic feel.

As time approaches to release the album I will be performing some songs at various shows around and about. If you'd like These Guitars Say Sorry to come play at your venue or Living Room show as part of the launch tour just email jez@theseguitarssaysorry.com