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UK Singer Songwriter - Performing in the Pacific Northwest

UK singer songwriter and recording artist performing in Washington State.

Reflecting A Little: This Last Year in Music

So another year passes and as is the case you look back as well as forward. Musically the last year has been a good one. I have shared bills with some great musicians and played some venues I would never imagined possible, started recording my music and continued to write new songs.

If someone had said to me I would have played at The Seasons, Downtown Summer Nights, Buskers In The 'Burg Festival as well as a host of wineries and bars this year as well as venturing to Seattle I would have been surprised. That I have played music for a broad range of age groups is something I particularly like. I have played punk shows, house shows and DIY shows where the audiences have been primarily 21 and under and that my music appeals to that audience is particularly pleasing.

So here's to next year. Let's see what it brings. I hope to have a number of songs recorded and available as time goes on and also to continue playing shows both in Central Washingto and beyond. 

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Hanging out and taking requests at Wilridge Winery.

Hanging out and taking requests at Wilridge Winery.

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