Vocals, Vocals, Vocals: Recording Again...

So when you are on a roll it's probably best to continue it as long as possible. Having recovered from a cold and being forced to record guitars all week it was time to try vocals. I had about 10 tracks to go at.


So a couple of lessons learned. 

  1. It takes about an hour for my voice to warm up. So I recorded about 4 vocal tracks and then realized that as I warmed up they needed re-recording.
  2. It's not always the case that as I previously thought that studio vocals are sterile. For the first time I managed to capture a very "live" sound.

I hope that next time it comes to vocals I hope I can capture the same energy and more importantly the sound levels.

So having got all that settled it was recording track after track until my voice gave out. About 12 in all.

When will these demos be available? Well I am trying to be methodical and work through all of These Guitars Say Sorry's songs both guitar and vocals without any editing at all. The next step will be adding complementary intruments and finally mixing so it will be a while.

But if you ask nicely I may sneak a tune out onto the  Bandcamp page for These Guitars Say Sorry so you can take a listen.