What is a house show or a house concert?

These Guitars Say Sorry at a house show.

These Guitars Say Sorry at a house show.

According to Wikipedia "A house concert or home concert is a musical concert or performance art that is presented in someone's home or apartment, or a nearby small private space such as a barn, apartment rec room, lawn, or back yard."

But there's more to it than that. It's not a party where there happens to be live music. House shows or house concerts, I have heard them called both, tend to me a little more formal performance wise. The key to the evening is spacing things out. An hour before the first act allows everyone to arrive and plenty of time for people to get acquainted also. 

When the music starts it tends be be enjoyed attentively by the audience without talking. In turn the performers tend to play shorter sets of between 30-45 minutes, in between which glasses are recharged, the music discussed and more hanging out occurs.

House shows are a great way to see music up close, to really hear the lyrics and interact with the musicians. They're a fun way to invite your friends round to hang out and do something different and for musicians a great way to enjoy an attentive audience.

While it may seem intimidating to have music in your house the musicians involved can usually provide the sound equipment and advise on how to stage a successful evening